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I was fortunate to interview actor James D'Arcy of TV's "AGENT CARTER," and such films as "Master and Commander," and "Cloud Atlas." Presently he is working with Christopher Nolan on the WWI drama "Dunkirk." He is also a graduate of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, which happens to be my mothers Alma Mater. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

Question 1: On Agent Carter, You played the character Jarvis ( Which you did a fantastic job.As a fan, and since you were a character that up until then had been a voice,  He really felt like a real person. (You and Haley Atwell had great chemistry) If you hadn't done Agent Carter, what would be another Marvel Or DC character you would have liked to play as? Are you surprised that Marvel dropped it? (My mom and I are, as we were huge fans of the show, and think it really was a great show for young women especially.)

I’m probably not as familiar with the Marvel or DC world so that I could give a good answer to that question. I love to play a variety of roles, so something quite different from Jarvis I guess! That being said, I really loved the show, and it’s a great shame that they didn’t pick it up for a 3rd season. I thought there was more story to tell, especially around the creation of SHIELD.

Question 2: You recently were cast in Christopher Nolan's WW2 Dunkirk movie with Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, and Tom Hardy. As an actor that has to be a huge moment for you. The time where you were in Drama School was when Rylance and Branagh we exploding on the scene. Does it feel strange when actors you saw as a student are suddenly working with you? Besides the Wachowskis and Nolan, what are some other directors you'd like to work with?

I only worked with Kenneth Branagh, and he was delightful. And yes, working with Nolan is a dream… There are so many directors I admire, but I guess near the top of my wishlist are PT Anderson, Denis Villeneuve, Ang Lee and Spielberg.

Question 3: Master and Commander is one of my favorite films of all time. You did a great job in your role. I was wondering is there any book you'd like to see get made into a movie and would you like to star in it? ( Ps. still hoping for a Master and Commander sequel) And my mom says you were quite the sword fighter in college. do you enjoy films that have that aspect in them like M&C?

Love doing stuff that involves a degree of physicality, especially if it’s something new to me… They’ve actually just made a book I wanted to see as a movie, it’s called Billy Lynn. Don’t really think there was a role for me in that one though…. 
Question 4:  After doing Hitchcock,  If I were to do a biopic on you, who would you cast as yourself and what would it be about?
Am I still young enough to play myself??? I mean, I guess it would be about my life if it were a biopic!

Question 5: What is the easiest part of being an actor on a set and what is the hardest part? Since you got your start in theater, would you rather be doing theater, film, or TV?

Being an actor is a dream come true, I don’t find being on a set hard at all. I love it. If you’ve been unemployed for a while and you don’t have money, well I think that can be tough for actors. 

I’m crazy about the medium of film. Always have been. And I don’t really feel like I got a start in theatre… My first professional job was in TV. It’s just a bit misleading at drama school bc they focus very heavily on stage work…
Hope that helps Jake. Good luck!

My thanks to Mr. D'Arcy. Can't wait to see DUNKIRK. Going to be EPIC!!!!

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